1. demondick:

    Rin Okumura Appreciation Week

    Day 6: Love

    hahah guess what it’s Rin and Suguro again (`ω´)

  2. demondick:

    Rin Okumura Appreciation Week

    Day 5: Au

    You know what I love? Kazue’s pirate AU. Yeah I like Kazue’s pirate AU.

  3. demondick:

    Rin Okumura Appreciation Week

    Day 4: Exwires

    hahaha, my favorite relationship is between Rin and Suguro = v=

    they’ve been through a lot and there’s a ton of times where their friendship could have gone for the worst, but they stuck through it and even though they still have their fights every now and then they still want what’s best for each other. plus i really love how much Rin looks up to suguro > v> i’m pretty sure that whenever Rin gets a grade that isn’t horrible, Suguro is the first one he brags to

  4. demondick:

    Rin Okumura Appreciation Week

    Day 2: Words

    俺京都タワー登りてーんだ! 明日お前案内してくれ!! 地元だし詳しいだろ? 皆も誘ったら来るかな!? なので京都は無事じゃねーと正直困る


    I wanna climb the Kyoto Tower! Show me the way tomorrow!! You’re from there, right? Will the others come too if we invite them!? That’s why I need Kyoto to be safe.

    I need everybody to be safe.

  5. demondick:

    Rin Okumura Appreciation Week

    Day 1: Time

    Oops, a bit late with this, but i really wanted to get something out, so here we are

  6. demondick:

    random rin doodle while i try new things 

  7. demondick:

    since i got so many ao no exorcist requests from that color palette thing i decided to put them all together 

    really happy that there was a good variety of character requests ’ v’

  8. pet-erpan said: link 4



    took this opportunity to draw new link…although according to the theories i’ve read there’s a good chance this might be zelda…either way

  9. demondick:

    i think we all know who the real star of chapter 58 was

  10. demondick:

    i wanted to draw something ugly

    luckily i didn’t have to look very far

    realism practice i guess, 1 hour

    ∴ V i n e . T a b r i s . A r t ∴

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